Unit Trophy Races

UNIT 112 TROPHY RACES Your name is automatically entered in the Unit 112 races when you join ACBL.
Our races run from Jan. 1 to Dec 31 and are for masterpoints won in only our Unit 112 sectionals. Currently Bernie Gorkin, who directs many of our sectionals is the person in charge of keeping the list current.

MATSON PAIRS: Most points won in Unit 112 sectionals, not the STacs, in open, non-consolation events including women’s, senior, open stratified, and life master pairs.
This is named for Elsie Matson of Ithaca, who was the first Culbertson authorized teacher in upstate New York . Elsie was our Unit’s first newsletter editor, and founded the Ithaca Bridge Club in the early thirties which she ran until her death in the 60’s. She was Secretary and Treasurer for years, and traveled to small bridge clubs to make pep talks. Culbertson and Charles Goren visited our early CNYBA tournaments under her influence. The trophy was won several times in the sixties by Walter May who then worked in Ithaca, later in Endicott, and now plays as a professional bridge teacher in Florida.

MCKAIG TEAMS: Most points won in unit 112 Team events including open, flight a and b teams, stratified teams, and life master teams.
This is named for Ruby McKaig of Oswego who was the leading female player of upstate NY from the forties to the sixties. Ruby was the first woman from our unit to win a national even. Her frequent partners were John Cullinan of Oswego, Truesdale Clarke of Rochester, and Judge Henry Judson of Watertown. They dominated the unit team events for twenty years. She did serve on the CNYBA board. Unfortunately, she was killed in a car accident on her way home from a sectional, when a driver went the wrong direction on a super highway and hit her head on.

WALTS OVERALL: Total points won in pair plus team Unit 112 sectionals, not including STaCs.

PIERCE NON MASTERS: Most points won in our sectionals, not including STaCs, by a non life master as of Jan.1. This is named for Peter Pierce who was a much loved local director from Rochester, who was especially good with the beginning players. He died of cancer while still quite young.

JOSEPH TROPHY: Most points won in our sectional s, not including STaC’s, by a player starting the year with
0-20 masterpoints. It is named after Bill Joseph who we think was from Syracuse area. He was a leading player in the early years of our organization, and was especially good with the beginning players.

CLARKE CULLINAN STaC Trophy: This is given to the player of our unit who wins the most points in the two STaC events of our Unit which are the Unit 112 event and the District 4 event. Trusdale Clarke and John Cullinan were our Unit’s first winners ever of an ACBL National title, and were thus, well known nationally. Both were instrumental in setting up our original organization, CNYBA in the early 70’s. Bill was born in 1905 and ran things in Rochester prior to the unit taking a hand and giving Peter Pierce in as director to open the events to more players. He was a lawyer, and is remembered as a man with a sense of humor. John, also a lawyer, was from Oswego, served on the CNYBA board, and ruled with a heavy hand. Both were in earlier editions of the Encyclopedia of Bridge. Originally, this trophy was for the winner of the most point in consolation events and was donated to the unit by Earl Mancini of Ithaca.
SECOND PLACE TROPHYS: Due to a large donation by Robert Cofer III, from Ithaca, we now give out trophies in each category above, to the second place winner.

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