2016 Meeting Minues





Present: Jim Carroll, Sandy Stockton, Edythe Krauss, Mary Miller, Lois Sanders, Kathy

Landon, Gary Gottermeier, Mary Kay Quiggle, Pat Stadelmaier, Ellen Ryan and Margie Spence.

Meeting was called to order at 9:15 by President Jim Carroll.

New Officers: Jim announced the new officers for the coming year were: Jim Carroll, President;

DeWitt Hendricks, Vice-President; Sandy Stockton, Secretary; Edythe Krauss, Treasurer; and Mary

Miller, Member-at- Large.

Minutes of November 11, 2016 were approved (Mary & Pat).

Treasurer’s Report: No report presented. Edythe needs to get two signatures so an account can

be opened. The President and Treasurer should be listed on the account.

Sectionals: Finger Lakes had around 82 tables. There was a great turnout by the 299ers

for both sessions on Saturday and enough for a Swiss game on Sunday.

Regional: Mary informed us that Margie is Co-Chair of this tournament. Sally Hill is the

I/N Chairman. Patty Lee will be giving a workshop with donations going to the school in

Cambodia. They are working on other people to host additional workshops.

Mary informed us that the Opening Bulletin will be the only one printed. The rest will be

electronic bulletins through Fast Results. In previous years it cost a significant amount of

money to print the bulletins so this will be a big savings. JoAnn Glasson said the person

who takes care of this is willing to pay all the expenses. Mary said headshots of all the

players are needed so they are in the district file.

All the contracts from 2016 – 2018 have been signed. The district furnishes the boxes and

bridge mates. Bidding boxes for the regional were recently purchased and these need to be

kept separate. Mary is requesting that the Unit purchase 10 sets of bidding boxes and cards

and they be stored with the Unit supplies. These could be used for sectionals. Mary made a

motion that the unit bidding boxes (black ones) be stored at B’rith Kodesh. Kathy seconded

it. Motion approved.

Education: Not discussed – representative absent.

Website Communication: Not discussed. Edythe informed us that Laura was not present

because she just had a new baby.

By-Laws: This was postponed until the next meeting since DeWitt was unable to attend.

Other Business: Margie is in charge of unit awards and informed us that the prices for the

silver medallions and gold ones are getting outrageous – $75 for the silver and $269 for the

gold. A suggestion was made that a committee be formed to look into getting more

moderately priced gifts; possibly pens. The following individuals volunteered to work on

that committee: Jim, Margie, Mary and Lois. They will report back at the next meeting.

Jim said we need to have a provision for filling a position when someone drops out.

Mary asked whether Jim had reappointed any Chairmen for this year.

Longest Day is June 20. Lois thinks Bruce is planning something for this year.

By-Laws: Vote on by-law changes could be mailed. Announcements need to go out to

membership one month ahead of time. Laura could send e-mail out to Unit.

The next meeting is at the Rochester Sectional on July 16, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Gary made a motion that the meeting be adjourned; Kathy seconded it.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Stockton

Secretary, Unit 112





JULY 16, 2016

Present: Jim Carroll, Sandy Stockton, Edythe Krauss, DeWitt Hendricks, Mary Miller, Lois

Sanders, Kathy Landon, Gary Gottermeier, Mike Mihevc and Stephen Pope

Meeting was called to order at 9:15 by President Jim Carroll.

Minutes of April 23, 2016 were approved (Gary & Mary)

Treasurer’s Report: Edy indicated that the budget is the same as last year. We get over $4,000 in

membership dues. Money Market is a little over $10,000 ($3,000 in CD and $8400 in the checking

account. Jim said that Edy’s name is now on the accounts at Citizens Bank. A question was raised as

to whether we need a security bond with the bank as to the cost of the insurance. A suggestion was

made that the treasurer’s report should be dated. Edy will send out a revised copy of the

Treasurer’s Report. Mary would like to see more information on the report in regard to the

sectionals. She suggested dividing out the free plays and table counts for past years; possibly going

back three to four years. Mary made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Motion Approved.

Regional: Mary said everything is in place for the regional. All the directors are set. There

will be a free lunch with Dan Boye for the 299ers on Saturday, August 6. The Welcome

Bulletin will be the only one printed; the rest will be sent electronically. There will also be

one on Sunday. A man from Florida has donated the money to get the fast results which

will be quite a cost savings. Hoping to hit 1,000 tables; need 970 to break even. There are

some big names that are coming from the Nationals.

Sectionals: Ithaca and Utica may switch dates in 2017. Mary attended the sectional in

Utica and said it was one of the nicest she has been to and encouraged more people to think

about going next year. Gary suggested that the Unit meetings should be rotated around the

different playing areas.

By-Laws: Gary moved we pass the new by-laws. Mary seconded it. The by-laws were sent

out to everyone in the Unit that the ACBL had an address for. The by-law vote will be

brought up at the membership meeting before the start of the sectional. DeWitt said a copy

of the by-laws should always be available at the Unit meetings. (Note: Proxies re: the vote

on the by-laws were received from Mary Kay Quiggle, Pat Stadelmaier, and Rich Hall.)

Education: DeWitt will ask Mary Poplawski if she is still interested in handling education.

Edy said one of their teachers took the director’s course but hasn’t been paid. The Board

agreed that Edy could pay him the $50 for taking the course.

Web-Site: Laura updated the website last week. However, it was felt the website needs

more focus and should be updated monthly.

Mary said the ACBL has a program of how the minutes go out and to whom. It sorts

everything. However, they have to limit the number of people that can use it. Right now it

is free but in the future there may be a charge. More information should be coming out

later regarding that program.

Jim said that at Valley Forge they announced that the 4-Spot may be put out on a monthly


Mike asked if there were any Directors in training and Mary said that Doug Bradley is in the


Mary indicated that the NABC in 2018 is being held in Philadelphia, PA – March 8 – 18.

She will be doing Registration. Volunteers will be needed.

The next meeting is in Waterloo on November 12.

The meeting was adjourned by Jim.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Stockton

Secretary, Unit 112



JULY 16, 2016


The meeting was called to order by President James Carroll at 9:50 a.m.

Gary Gottermeier made a motion to approve the Unit 112 By-Laws as proposed and


President called for questions, comments. None were forthcoming.

President called for a voice vote on the motion.

Motion passed unanimously without dissent.




NOVEMBER 12, 2016

Present:  Doug Bradley, Jim Carroll, Gary Gottermeier, DeWitt Henricks, Edythe Krauss, Kathy Landon, Mike Mihevc, Mary Miller, Mary Kay Quiggle, Ellen Ryan, Lois Sanders,  Pat Stadelmaier, and Sandy Stockton

Meeting was called to order at 9:30 by President Jim Carroll.

Minutes of  July 16, 2016  were approved (Mary, Edythe)

Treasurer’s Report:  Edythe submitted the present Financial Report as well as the Table Count Report for the past two years.  Mary said it would be helpful if the Table Count Report showed the past three years.  Motion approved to accept Treasurer’s Report. (Lois & Pat)


Regional – Mary stated that $1,000 was made on the tournament even though attendance was down by 120 tables.  Some reasons were:  1) The Nationals in Washington, D.C. were the week before; Canadian dollar was down and attendance is down nationally.  This year was the first time that all newsletters were done online accept for the opening one.  A survey was done and our regional received the highest percentage of any regional in the country.  Lectures were excellent and well received.

The schedule for the Regional in Rochester starting May 1, 2017 have been finalized and

The contracts have been signed for 2018 and 2019.

Lancaster Regional:  Mary attended the Lancaster Board meeting.  The District Board approved running short side games (18 boards) at regionals and only charging $10.00.  The district said we can no longer have just two brackets where a team with 30,000 points ends up playing a team with 200 points.  Our tournament is no longer associated with Pittsburgh.

Sectionals:  The following sectionals are scheduled for 2017:  Rochester – April 8 & 9; Ithaca – June 3 & 4; Rochester – Jul 15 & 16; Cicero – Sept. 9 & 10; Utica – Sept. 23 & 24; Webster – Oct. 14 & 15; Binghamton – Oct. 28 & 29; and Waterloo – Nov. 11 & 12.

Awards:  A lot of discussion was held on changing the awards that are given out.  Mary suggested sending out the awards at the time they are won.  Could give out gifts for milestones but stop buying gifts for any other level.  Mary said a pen was given to Danny Boye when he attained 10,000 points which was engraved with the year and the number of points he won.  Edythe said they have a holiday dinner and awards are given out then.  Gary said that RABA is considering an awards dinner.  Pat made a motion that the Board no longer give out jewelry for awards but rather give Life Master pins (from Baron Barclay) to new Life Masters beginning with new Life Masters in 2016.  Trophy awards would still be given out at the first Sectional of the year.  Beginning in 2017, awards will be sent out by the secretary each month (from In/Our Report) along with a free play certificate.  Mary Kay seconded it.  Motion approved.

Unit Reps:  Unit Reps are appointed by the playing area.

Election of Officers:  DeWitt announced the following slate of candidates:  DeWitt Henricks, President; Pat Stadelmaier, Vice President; Sandy Stockton, Secretary, Edythe Krauss, Treasurer and Mary Miller, Member at Large.  Kathy made a motion to cast a vote for the approved officers.  Motion approved.  The new officers take effect on January 1, 2017.  DeWitt announced that Mary will be the new Webmaster and her honorarium was set at $500.

Mary announced that her and Lynn Ackerman are trying to update e-mail addresses for all players in the Unit.

DeWitt thanked the Board for electing him as President and said he is looking forward to learning from us.

The next meeting is in Rochester on April 8, 2017.

The meeting was adjourned by Jim Carroll.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Stockton

Secretary, Unit 112

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