2015 Meeting Minutes





Present:  Jim Carroll, Sandy Stockton, Mike Mihevc, Rich Hall, Edythe Krauss, Laura Krauss, Walt Gable, Mary Miller, Lois  Sanders, DeWitt  Henricks, Sharon Steinberg, Betty Youmans, Kathy Landon, Gary Gottermeier, Mary Kay Quiggle, Pat Stadelmaier, and Ron Mittleman.

Meeting called to order at 9:20 by President Jim Carroll.

Minutes of August 22, 2015 were approved (Rich Hall, Lois Sanders)

Treasurer’s Report:  Ron submitted an Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Budget.  He said there were some units that haven’t paid him for their STAC games.  He also indicated that the amount $177 listed on the Income Statement belongs on the Asset Sheet so he will adjust the Balance Sheet accordingly.  Mary made a motion that we adopt the 2015 Budget for 2016.  Lois seconded it.  Motion Approved.

Ron questioned the amount allocated for awards.  At one time there was a fund for awards called the Coffer Fund.  Margie Spence is doing the awards this year and Lois will help her with them.  Mary said that Dan Boye has never received an award and the Board felt that he should be given one


Tournaments:  Mary Lou Lawson would like to hold a 199er tournament in late Spring or early Fall.  Board approved this.


Old Business:  Mike submitted a Proposal for Realigning the Board according to the number of players in the different areas.  After much discussion, it was decided that the following playing areas would be established:

Area 1     Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Orleans & Wyoming 4 Members

Area 2     Onondaga, Oswego and Madison 3 Members

Area 3     Herkimer, Oneida & Otsego 2 Members

Area 4     Broome, Tioga, Chenango, Delaware 2 Members

Area 5      Jefferson, St. Lawrence, Lewis, 1 Member

Area 6      Cayuga, Ontario, Seneca, Wayne & Yates 2 Members

Area 7      Cortland, Schuyler, & Tompkins 2 Members

Area 8     Chemung and Steuben 2 Members


A question was raised that if we change the quorum then the by-laws may need to be changed.  Mike will write something up regarding a quorum.


Jim will contact the playing areas in order to identify the playing area President.  Laura will supply him with a list of club members.


Mary said we should encourage some of the smaller playing areas to hold tournaments

even if we have to subsidize them.


New Business:  Jim informed us that he and five other people from the district attended the District 4 Meeting in Lancaster, PA.  A discussion was held regarding having grass roots games in the Unit.  Two sessions of grass roots bridge would cost an extra $4.00 per table.  Perhaps the money could come back from the North American Pairs.  Possibly neighboring units could form one unit and could be included in one STAC game. Marilyn Helms is in charge of the Unit STAC game.  Jim will contact Bruce regarding this.


Jim said the good news was that the total membership went up 35.  The three biggest areas increased, the smallest declined.


DeWitt will do the revisions to the by-laws and post them on the website 30 days in advance of our next meeting.


Mary said the effective date of officers should be January 1.  However, if we do this the By-Laws need to be changed.  Mary Kay made a motion that we change the date the officers take effect to January 1.  Mike seconded it.  Motion carried.  The proposal will be submitted to the membership.  Mary M. made a motion that we remove the year 2017 from the By-Laws in regard to the terms of the officers.  Motion approved.


Nominations: The following nominations were uncontested:  Jim Carroll, President; DeWitt Henricks, Vice-President; Sandy Stockton, Secretary; and Mary Miller, Member-at-Large.  Mary nominated Edythe Krauss for Treasurer.  Since there were two names submitted for that position, a secret ballot was taken.  The majority approved the nomination of Edythe.


The next meeting is in Rochester on April 23, 2016 @ 9:00 AM


Jim adjourned the meeting at 10:45 AM


Respectfully submitted,



Sandy Stockton

Secretary, Unit 112








Present: Mike Mihevc, Jim Carroll, Sandy Stockton, Peg Clark,  Edythe Krauss , Walt Gable, Mary Miller,   Lois  Sanders, DeWitt  Henricks, Betty Yeomans, Sharon Paulus, Robert Simard, Kathy Landon and Mary Poplawski.  Proxies:  Debra Statton for Laura Krauss; Mary Kay Quiggle and Pat Stadelmaier

Meeting called to order at 9:00 AM.

Minutes of  April 11, 2015 meeting approved (Betty Yeomans, Mary Miller)

Treasurers Report – Lois made a motion the report be approved; Peg seconded it.

Edythe indicated that Ithaca still owes $59.00 which was for free plays at their                      Sectional.  

Walt Gable brought up the fact that we need to have different categories for the awards.  The form needs to specify exactly what level it is for.  Mary will work with Ron on revising the form.

Mary M.  informed the group that Margie Spence is taking over the responsibility of awards.




Edythe said they had a problem with the Director, Wm. Dubay, at the Ithaca Sectional because he didn’t have a lot of patience.  Mary said that the ACBL has had a problem getting directors since Bernie retired.  No one seems to know who the Chief Director is that makes assignments.  The sectional in Ithaca in 2016 is June 4 & 5.


Cicero Sectional – Bob informed the group that the director was Bryan.


Webster Sectional is October 10 & 11.


Endwell Sectional is October 17 & 18 and is the site this year for the NAP qualifying round for all levels.


Waterloo Sectional is November 7 & 8.


Mary M. asked if we could get an updated Sectional Tournament Schedule.  Lois texted Bruce and he informed us that he had submitted it but it hasn’t come back yet.


Bob and Sharon will check into having the Rainbow Tournament in Syracuse next year.




A lot of discussion ensued about subsidizing units who lose money running sectionals.  Mary M. made a motion that the standard charge be $10.00 per player per session starting January 1, 2016 but may charge up to $12.00 if they need it to cover expenses.  Betty seconded it.  Motion approved.  Lois made an amended motion that a request must be submitted to the Board to charge up to $12.00.  Motion approved.  Mary M. made a motion that the Unit Board will not entertain a request for reimbursement for losses at a sectional unless the tournament charged at least the current standard maximum.  Lois seconded it.  Motion approved.


Rainbow Sectional in Waterloo on August 22 & 23 – net proceeds will be donated to George Eastman House in memory of Phil Clark.  The Seneca Office Building isn’t charging the normal weekend rental.  Walt is paying for the cleaning crew.


Regional Recap:


Feedback – Mary M. only received two complaints. Players felt the hospitality was the best ever.  The tournament lost money but Mary M. said that there are areas that she can cut out the next time.  The regional next year is in Liverpool the week of August 1.  Sharon volunteered to help with the hospitality.  Margie Spence has agreed to co-chair the Liverpool tournament.  The Board thanked Mary M. for stepping in to run the Rochester Regional.


Education/ IN:


TAP Class – Mary P. handed out flyers.  “Learn Bridge in a Day” – Mary didn’t like the material – the District has chosen not to renew the program.  Mary P. would like to know what education is going on within the Unit so we can spread the information around.


By-Laws Update:


DeWitt went through the changes that were made to the by-laws.  He had a question as to whether we were a corporation or an association.  Mary said that she was on the Board when the incorporation papers were prepared.  


Playing areas:  Mike will present a new demographic of playing areas at the next meeting.  


Mary M. made a motion that the terms for President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer be changed to two years and that we add a Member-at-Large and that these changes take effect in 2017.  Betty seconded it.  Motion approved.    


Under Article XII:  Sectional Tournaments – Playing Area #1 will be changed to 3 and Playing Area 8 to 2.  


Mary M. made a motion that the Board accept the proposed changes that DeWitt made.  Jim seconded it.  Motion approved.




NAP:  Is in Binghamton/Endwell on October 17 & 18 – Mary P. said all levels can play in Flight A.  Mary P. will send the flyer to Laura for publication on the website.


Mary M. made a motion that if an ACBL player attends the TAP program that they be reimbursed.  Mary P. seconded it.  Motion approved.


The next meeting is in Waterloo on November 7 at 9:00 AM.


Jim adjourned the meeting at 10:45 AM




Approved Minutes from April 2015:

Unit min-1-April

Unit min-2-April


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