2014 Meeting Minutes





Present: Mike Mihevc, Rich Hall, Warren Marsland, Sandy Stockton, Phil Clark, Lois Sanders, Edythe Krauss, Mary Miller, James Carroll, Bill Port, Walt Gable, Mary Poplawski, Mary Kay Quiggle, and Pat Stadelmaier,

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Mihevc at 9:15 a.m.

Minutes of May 17th were approved. (Miller, Stadelmaier)

Mike submitted a report on the breakdown of Unit 112 membership. At the present time there are no representatives from the following counties: Area 2 –Onondaga; Area 5 – Jefferson, St. Lawrence, and Lewis; Area 7 – Chenango, Delaware and Otsego and Area 10 – Oswego. The report showed how the population has shifted in the district.

Treasurers Report:

Warren indicated that we are operating at about the same rate within all the major areas except for awards. Warren said the Unit has plenty of resources but we need to pay attention to where we are going. Warren also felt we should trim the cost of our website. Another point brought up was how to grow our membership.

Free Plays – there has been an increase in free plays since they have been given to Board members. Mary M. asked if there was a way to separate out where free plays are given – how much is for education and how much to members who reach new levels. Mary M. suggested we modify the form that is used for free plays. Warren suggested perhaps having a numbering system on free plays so we can determine which ones weren’t used.

Mary M. made a motion that we ask the outgoing treasurer to modify the form to capture the various categories of free plays. Lois seconded it. Unanimously approved.

Edie said that Laura wanted to know about the awards and whether they have been calculated. If we knew who were getting awards then we would know how much to budget.

One issue raised was whether the treasurer needs to do a 1099 form for the IRS since Laura receives $600 yearly. A lot of discussion arose regarding the webmaster’s pay. Walter suggested we could still amend the budget for this year and whatever expenses are involved should be taken out. Mike said we aren’t going to issue a 1099. Mary P. said the treasurer should give out a form which says “other income.” Mary M. felt we should value the website more than we do and make it more useful. Bill said he would personally like to see more things mailed out. A suggestion was made that Laura’s fee be listed as $595. It was suggested that Laura rewrite the description for webmaster and make sure it works and update it. At the present time Laura is the only one that can access the website. Mary M. suggested we have one other person who could access the website.

Mary Kay said we should accept the budget as proposed and waive discussion as to the website until the next meeting. Mary M. felt we should leave honorariums as they are and address them later. Phil moved we adjust the 2015 budget for the webmaster fee to $595.00. Mary M. seconded it. Unanimously approved. James Carroll made a motion we accept the 2015 budget as amended; Bill P. seconded it. Unanimously approved.


Edy will check and get back to either Mike or Phil about their area having a sectional next year. Mary M. indicated the Seneca Office Bldg. site is taken March 28-29 so a Rainbow Tournament can’t be held there next year.

Awards – will be given out at the April Annual Meeting in Rochester.

STaCs – there was no discussion at the district meeting. Phil will check into how invitations are sent out.

Bidding Boxes – It is up to the chairperson of the tournament to remember they have to think about them before the tournament. 70 new inserts were bought for the bidding boxes; 42 belong to us so we don’t have to pay the district for these.


Phil informed us that we have a schedule and it is published on the ACBL website. The flyer is almost done. No problems with the hotel. The regional in 2016 will be held the first week in August in Liverpool and in 2017 it will be held again in Rochester.

NAP: Mary P. said that our district was chosen to hold the Flight A NAP but we need to address where it will be held. She indicated Endwell was the most centrally located. Phil said Flight B is always held in Philadelphia or the Wilmington area. Phil made a motion that the Flight A District 4 NAP be held October 17 & 18 in the general Binghamton area. Edythe seconded it. Unanimously approved.


Mary informed the group that it had been an exciting year and that attendance has increased. “Learn Bridge in a Day” has been very successful and two workshops are planned for next year. Mary said that the bridge teachers have asked to have their classes posted on the website. She would like to post levels on the website and also be able to e-mail messages to club members. She questioned whether she needs permission to do that with Laura. Two bridge teacher workshops are planned for next year – one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

Mary said Patti Lee has agreed to come back and do a similar workshop on May 11 in Rochester. The cost would be two nights at the hotel. The fee will be $25.00 which will go to Cambodia schools.

199er Sectional – Mary M. would help with it if someone wants to run it. Mary will talk to ACBL about doing a Director’s Course here in our area.

Mary Poplawski is now the District Education Coordinator.

A suggestion was made that perhaps we could check with engineering courses or professional organizations that have a conference as to whether we could perhaps promote bridge there.

By-Laws –DeWitt Hendricks is working on these (http://unit112.falcow.com/By-Laws.htm)

District 4 – Our unit has only five members now and not six.

Nominations: The following slate of officers were proposed: Phil Clark, President; Jim Carroll, Vice-President; Ron Mittleman, Treasurer; Sandy Stockton, Secretary; and DeWitt Hendricks, Member-at-Large. Mary Kay made a motion that the secretary cast a ballot for the slate. The slate was unanimously approved.

Mary M. thanked Mike for his years of service whereupon the Board unanimously agreed.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 11, 2015 at 9:15 in Rochester.

Sandy Stockton







Present: Mike Mihevc, Rich Hall, Warren Marsland, Sandy Stockton, Edythe Krauss, Mary Miller, DeWitt, Henricks, Steve Pope, Pat Stadelmaier, Virgina Loftus and D. Boye (District/Unit Recorder). Proxies were submitted for the following members: Margaret Clark, Lois Sanders, Phil Clark, James Carroll and Walt Gable.

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Mihevc at 9:30 a.m.

Minutes of January 4th were approved. (Miller. Krauss)

Treasurers Report:

Warren submitted the Budget Summary Report (1/1/14–12/31/14). A question was raised about the STaC games which showed a loss of $520.40. Warren explained that amount will turn into a $1348.60 profit once the money for the people who haven’t paid is collected.

Warren said the one area which is extremely over budget is the awards. The group approved a budget of $1,200 last year, however, we have spent $2,555.48 so far this year. After much discussion, the Board voted to approve doing what we have been doing and give jewelry to those people who achieve certain ranks. The Board advised Warren that the amount budgeted should be increased.

STaC games are a $1,000 or $1,500 money generator item now since ACBL changed how monies are paid. Warren said 3 STaC’s are now run in District 4. Unit 190 went with District 6 instead of District 4.

Tournament Revenue: Syracuse was down 4 tables; Rochester was up 7 tables; Ithaca had 28 tables (did not hold tournament last year); Watertown – no tournament and Utica has not had a tournament since 2009.

Pat Stadelmaier made a motion to accept Treasurer’s Report, DeWitt Henricks seconded it.

Warren advised the Nominating Committee that he will no longer run for treasurer next year.

Sectionals: The following sectionals are scheduled:

Henrietta, NY – July 12 & 13 at the Moose Club.

Rochester, NY – October 11 & 12 at Webster Recreation Center

Waterloo – November 8 & 9

In regard to 2015 dates, Bruce Toder is the scheduling person and should be contacted.

Rainbow Tournament 2015 – Mike asked if any area wanted to hold it. Mary will approach Finger Lakes about having it again.

Regional: This is Mark McDermott’s last year as Chairman. Phil Clark is Chairman for the 2015 Regional and Paul Cherin is Co-Chairman. Mary announced that Patty Lee is coming to the tournament in Liverpool on Monday afternoon and doing a workshop from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. This workshop is more for intermediate players. She is not charging anything; however, is requesting a $25.00 donation be made to the Canadian Mine Free Federation. The tournament is giving her two free nights at the hotel in lieu of a fee. Mike asked that each area provide a volunteer for manning the hospitality room each night. Dan announced that Bob Priest will be holding the District 4 meeting at Liverpool and we need to provide a room and food for around 40 or 50 people. This will take place right after the 3:00 p.m. session on Saturday.


Mary conducted a “Learn Bridge in a Day” workshop in Canandaigua. She had nine tables (34 out of the 36 completed the day). Ten of them are going to take lessons from Mary and three are taking from Mary Lou.

Syracuse had a workshop on April 21 and they also had nine tables.

Mary Lyke is holding a program on July 5 and another in August or September.

Pat said Elmira is having a program in June.

Mary said that Jane Fuller would like to be reimbursed for the money she spent to make manuals. The Board felt she should be reimbursed and Mary will take care of that.

The Board also agreed that if a tap is given and someone goes that the Unit Board will reimburse them for the $50.00.

September 20 there is a unit-wide workshop for teachers.

A question was raised: How many that take lessons will then join the ACBL?

Newsletter: Mike informed the group that he needs material for his newsletter. In regard to a sectional in Utica in the Fall, he will check into whether he can get at least 6 tables before starting one.

By-laws: Mike said that the representatives from each area are not up to date. He also asked that members get back to him with any areas where by-laws should be changed. Also, job descriptions need to be updated. Mike, Warren and Phil will meet in Liverpool to discuss this situation.

District 4: Dan would welcome any suggestions that anyone has for when he takes over as President.

Nominating Committee: DeWitt will present a slate of officers for the November meeting. John Gazak has resigned from the Board. Rich Hall is a new representative.

Mary made a motion that the meeting be adjourned. Mike seconded it. The next Unit meeting is in Waterloo on November 8.


Sandy Stockton







Present: M. Mihevc, W. Marsland, S. Stockton, L. Sanders, Edythe Krauss, M. Miller, Phil Clark, D. Henricks, Tom Keslin, Jane Fuller, Mary Ryan, Steve Pope and D. Boye (District/Unit Recorder)

The meeting was called to order at 9:15

Minutes of  November 9th were approved with the following  changes: the spelling of Henricks and the spelling of words course and trophies.  (Henricks, Miller)

Treasurers Report  approved (Sanders, Henricks)  Budget report shows a balance of $21,563.72 which is down $1,055.36 (some of this amount is due to the fact that the ACBL has not reimbursed us for membership dues).  However, Warren stated that there has been a steady decline in attendance at sectionals and feels the Board should address this problem.

Sectional issues:  Changes to the 2014 Unit 112 Sectional Schedule:  Ithaca will now be held April 26-27 at Kendall and the Rainbow Tournament will be held in Endwell on May 17-18, 2014.

Trophy races are up to date and posted on the website.

Awards – Phil is waiting for the 2013 Report from the ACBL for the final figures.  Mike will order the medallions for the Mini McKenney and Ace of Club Awards.  Unit pays for the gift for Emerald Life Master.

STAC game discussion – Phil had questions re: holding more than the scheduled STAC games and who initiates the request to share a STAC game.

Regional Issues:  Phil reported there is a meeting Monday morning, January 6, however,  there are no issues pending.   Phil will take care of the advertising.

Education:  Mary said that Gerry Radway is giving a lesson before the Cicero Sectional on Saturday and that Jane Fuller from Onondaga Bridge Association is working on two separate offerings of “Learn Bridge in a Day” in the Syracuse area this spring.  She also stated she is continuing to work on ideas to put on flyers to attract more Intermediate and Novice players.

Web Site/Communications:  All information should be sent to Laura for publication.

District 4 Meeting:  If anyone is interested in going to the Annual Meeting they should contact Mike.

Nominating Committee:  DeWitt Henricks volunteered to be the Chairman of this committee.

New Business:  Warren said we need to work on governance.  It was revised in 1999 but no longer conforms to ACBL requirements.  A meeting will be held at the Regional to work on this.  Warren will start the process and Phil and Mike volunteered to work with him.

The next meeting will be held at the Rainbow Tournament on May 17 @ 9:15.

Meeting Adjourned.










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