2013 Meeting Minutes


ACBL Unit 112 Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday, July 27, 2013 Liverpool NY


Present:  S. Stockton, P. Clark, M Mihevc, J. Gazak, T. Keslin, D. Henricks, S. Favreau, B. Port, J. Carroll, R. Hurd, L. Kidder, L. Sanders, W. Marsland,

Proxies: Miller, Quiggle

Guests: Gerry Radway, Phil Clark, Mark McDermott

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 pm by President Mike Mihevc.

He introduced  three guests to talk about this years regional tournament and the next two years.  Gerry is the business manager for the tournament and reported great success this year.  She will be retiring after this year.  Mark McDermott will be tournament charman next year and Phil Clark the next. Margie Spence, this years chairman is retiring.

Minutes of the last meeting and the annual meeting were distributed and read.  [Henricks, Kidder]

The treasurers report was accepted. [Gazak,Port]

Sectional report: There were no big losses this year but many playing areas no longer run sectionals so there are several available dates if any playing area would like to have one.  Still waiting to hear about next years Rainbow tournament.

Mike will be chairman of new nominating committee.  There was discussion about continuity but no action.  Mike reiterated tha tournament chairmen are responsible for getting bidding boxes from last playing site.  Mary has been working on education .  Possible  workshop for teachers in September.  Discussion about unit website and possibility of reviving  newsletter online: 6 times a year, using In and Out report for new members, deaths etc.,  sharing responsibility for news etc.  No action taken.

Meeting adjourned: (Keslin, Port)


Board of Directors Meeting

January 5, 2013

Cicero NY


Present: Dewitt Henricks, Tom Keslin, John Gazak,(proxy Mike Mihevc), Warren Marsland, Walter Gable, Peg Clark (proxy Lois Sanders), Mary Miller, William Port, James Carroll, Bob Simard, Elli O’Connor, Rick Hurd (proxy Larry Kidder), and Stockton


Meeting called to order at 9:05 am by vice president John Gazak


Minutes of previous meeting approved (Fort, Henricks)


Presdients report read. Appointment of Dan Boye as 2nd vice president of district 4



Treasurers report presented. Move for acceptance (Keslin, Henricks) approved.

Changes and discussion followed.

Sectional table count down again, noted. Includes sanction fee reduction from $2.50 to 1.25 which was approved at the November 2012 meeting.

Amendment to add $2000 to cover expense of free plays for all changes in masterpoint rank below life master proposed, (Miller, Henricks) approved.

Letter and free play certificate will be sent by secretary. Peg & Warren will keep track and report at July meeting on how many free plays were mailed out (Peg) and how many were actually used (Warren). This will aid us in getting a better idea of the yearly cost to the unit and also judge the success of any “recruitment of new players programs” that might be implemented – it might be too early to judge the success of these programs by July, by hopefully by next January we will see some positive results.

Amendment to keep line items for stipends for secretary, treasurer and web master in budget the same as last year (Hurd, Keslin).

There was a discussion of an increase of $3000 for education. Mary agreed to develop and oversee new programs and initiatives for the year . We will evaluate success at end of year.


Tournaments; no Rainbow tournament this year but Binghamton was asked to host it in 2014 and will bring it up to their board and will let us know decision.


Awards usually given at Rainbow tournament will be given at next Rochester sectional (in April) instead.


Regional: after this year Gerry Radway will be stepping down as business manager. The board thanks her for her wonderful service. Mary reported that they are working with Audrey Grant to arrange classes for both teachers and students. It was suggested that Unit might cover a portion of the fees.

Regional 2015 & 2017: Various representatives met with John Marks at the proposed RIT site who approved of the site. Motion to approve Rochester site for regional in 2015 and 2017 (Gazak, Marsland) approved.


New Business:

Question if playing areas are aware that $50 is available for advertising for sectionals upon itemized expense request. Motion (Port, Gazak) for $200 in budget to cover advertising for sectionals approved.


Motion to adjourn. (Keslin, Henricks).






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