2012 meeting minutes

Annual Membership Meeting

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cicero, NY

The annual membership meeting was called to order by President Mike Mihevc at 10:00 a.m.

President Mihevc introduced the unit officers for 2012.  They are as follows:

President – Mike Mihevc

Vice-President – Walt Gable

Secretary – Peg Clark

Treasurer – Warren Marsland

Member-at-large of the executive Committee – DeWitt Henricks

Mike announced that all trophies and awards will be presented at the Rainbow Tournament  on Saturday April 14 in Waterloo.

He reported that Unit 112 is responsible for all volunteers at The NABC in Philadelphia.  Dan Boye is responsible for partnerships and Mike for the rest and requested volunteers.  He also asked if there was an interest in a charter bus for the event.  There will be an announcement about this later.

With no other business raised, President  Mihevc adjourned the meeting at 10:10 a.m..

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes-Saturday, January 7,2012

Cicero, New York

Present: Peg Clark (RABA),Norma Deambra (Oswego) Bill Port(Finger Lakes) Walter Gable (Finger Lakes), Jim Carroll (Finger Lakes) Laura Krauss (Ithaca) Warren Marsland (PP), Mike Mihevc (Utica) ,Mary Miller (Finger Lakes) Louise Butler (Binghamton) Lois Sanders (PP), Ann Sellers (Watertown), Bob Simard (Syracuse),Margie Spence (RABA), Susan Favreau (Watertown) Larry Kidder (Ithaca) Rick Hurd (Ithaca) DeWitt Henricks (Binghamton)

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 by President  Mike Mihevc

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted. Motion (Miller, Sanders)

Presidents Report:

Mike said he felt that our focus this year should be on getting new members,  teaching bridge classes and subsidizing teachers.  He asked for suggestions and indicated that our financial position allows us to defray costs etc.

Summer NABC in Philadelphia:

Need volunteers, urged board members to do some recruiting for this.  There was a discussion of a chartered bus and Mike will get started on the details of this and notify members by email so that we can get started at the Rainbow Sectional, April 14-15 for publicity.

Need to consider a change of the by-laws to allow voting by email since we only have three meetings a year.  For now there will be polling by email and then go to the executive committee.


Margie  reported that everything is on track.  There will be a change of times with events starting at 10 and 3 and 7:30 for those that require a 3rd session.  Encouraged volunteer participation by  all playing areas.

District 4 Reps.

Mike made a list of those who would like to attend and will fill slots as necessary at the time of the meetings.


Awards will be presented at the Rainbow Sectional.  Free play awards will be good for one full year, motion (Seller, Deambra) Motion carried.

Many changes to schedule, Mike will sort it all out with Bruce Toder and ACBL.

There was a request from Broome/Tioga to wave sanction fees for last sectional  which showed a loss partly due to weather. Motion (Henricks,Marsland) motion to wave fee passed.

Rainbow Sectional to be held in Waterloo with all net proceeds going to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier.  All food will be donated and Mary asked for volunteers for setup, tear down and coffee making.  Donation containers will be set up at local clubs, all checks made out to the Food bank for tax purposes.

STAC games will be held May 7 – 12 and after discussion decided to include other Units .

Treasurers Report attached:

Bill Port remarked on large balance and how it should be used.  Report accepted: motion (Marsland, D’Ambra).

The board authorized the Unit officers of 2011 and 2012 to effect the necessary paperwork to make a change in the bank records so that the unit treasurer and unit president for 2012 are now authorized to sign checks and handle all financial accounts of the Unit.


Board of Directors Meeting – August 4, 2012, Liverpool NY


Present: , Mary Miller, Margie Spence, Peg Clark, Mike Mihevc, John Gazak,  William Port, Lois Sanders, Warren Marsland, Fran Leboeuf, Jim Carroll, Bob Simard, Larry Kidder, Rick Hurd, proxy Walt Gable.  Guests: Gerry Radway, Mark McDermott, Arlene Bristol, Richard Popper & Ray Raskin.

Meeting was called to order at 1:45 by Mike Mihevc, pesident.

Ray Raskin and Richard Popper are running for First Alternate Director for District 4 and gave brief statements.

Minutes of the January 12 2012 meeting were approved (Port, Sanders)

Treasurers report was accepted (Miller, Gazak)

Gerry, Mark and Margie reported on regional so far.  Increased table count and generally very successful.  A few suggestions for next year and consensus that this is an excellent playing site.

Mary was appointed novice/intermedite chairman for next year (Sanders,Port)

It was decided that all directors in attendance at board meeting will receive  2 free plays for that day.

Warren and Peg will send out copies of job description for board members receiving stipends and discussion will follow on line.

Vote to reimburse RABA for emergency sending of bidding boxes (Miller,Mihevc). Mike offered to keep track of and coordinate transport of bidding boxes between tournaments.

Rick asked for more even scheduling of sectionals.

Mary will be head of nominating committee.

Next meeting will be at sectional in Waterloo on November 10.

Meeting adjourned at 2;50.


    Board of Directors Meeting – November 10, 2012, Waterloo NY

Present: Jim Carroll,  Walter Gable,  Mary Miller,  Margie Spence, Sandy Stockton, Bob Simard,  Mike Mihevc,  John Gazak, DeWitt Henricks, William Fort,  Lois Sanders,  Warren Marsland, proxy:  Peg Clark

Meeting was called to order at 9:05 am by President Mihevc

Minutes of  August 4, 2012 approved. Motion; Miller, Carroll

Treasurer’s Report  approved. Motion; Fort, Miller

Proposed budget for 2013 approved with the following amendments. Motion: Marsland, Gazak            Approved amendments:  Fort,  Simard

  • ·       Clubs holding sectionals will be charged one-half the current amount.
  • ·       Mileage/Tolls expense line will be put into the 2013 budget  to reimburse the  Unit 112 Board President for travel related to his/her position.

Several budget items were discussed:

  • ·        No club has submitted advertising expenses for their sectional. 
  • ·       ACBL insurance for liability of Board of Directors’ decisions is no longer available in New York State.  Mike will look into this when he attends the District 4 Meeting in Lancaster.
  • ·       Sectional attendance has been declining approximately 10% per year, in a report handed out by Warren.  Warren is going to put together a proposal and e-mail to Board Members,  concerning reducing or cutting some items from the budget, such as Honoraria, and setting up a $3000 budget line  for teaching bridge to new potential ACBL members.

Presidents report – see attached.


Committee report:

Nominating Committee: Mary Miller reporting,

President – Mike Mihevc                                                                         

Vice President – John Gazak                                                                    

 At large – DeWitt Henricks

            Secretary – Peg  Clark

            Treasurer – Warren Marsland

Slate approved. Motion: Hendricks,  Gable

2013 board schedule shall be;

            1/5 Syracuse

            7/27 Syracuse

            11/10 Waterloo

2013 Rainbow sectional has not been finalized as to location & date – Dewitt is going to look into whether Binghamton would like to hold the Rainbow Sectional.  This item will likely be on the agenda for the January Board Meeting.

President Mihevc thanked the board for all their help.  Mike announced he will be out of town for the January Board and Annual meetings.   John will  preside at those meetings

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:40.  Approved:  Gazak, Simard


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