2011 Board meeting minutes

Board of Directors Meeting – October 1, 2011, Waterloo NY

Present: Walter Gable, Mary Miller, Margie Spence, Norma Deambra, Liz Meacham, Peg Clark, Mike Mihevc, John Gazak, DeWitt Henricks, William Fort, Lois Sanders, Warren Marsland, proxy: Mary Kay Quiggle

Meeting was called to order at 9:10 am by President Gable.

Minutes of  August 6, 2011 approved. Motion;Fort, Gazak

Treasurer’s Report  approved. Motion; Marsland, Miller

Proposed budget for 2012 approved with the following amendments. Motion; Gazak, Meacham

  1. Rochester 299er tournament changed to Unit 112 199er.
  2. Transfer $1000 to Cofer fund
  3. Increase director training from $100 to $400.

Presidents report – see attached.

Committee reports:

Mike asked Board members to encourage volunteers for July 12.  Unit sponsored bus to be discussed at January meeting.

Nominating Committee: Mary Miller reporting,

President – Mike Mihevc

Vice President – Walt Gable

At large – DeWitt Henricks

Nominations from the floor

Secretary – Peg  Clark

Treasurer – Warren Marsland

Slate approved. Motion: Fort, Deambra.

Bernie Gorkin discussed briefly Tournament Assistant training .

Margie Spence expressed the Boards appreciation of Walt for a job very well done as president for the last two years.

Annual audit to be internal and arranged by Walt.

Proposed tournament schedule needs clarifying and updating.

2012 board schedule shall be;

1/7 Syracuse

8/4 Syracuse

11/10 Waterloo

2012 Rainbow sectional to be full charity and held at Waterloo with Mary Miller as chairman pending date clarification. Motion: Marsland, Deambra

Choice of charity to be decided at January neeting.

President Gable thanked the board and adjourned the meeting at  10:40.


Board of Directors Meeting—August 6, 2011, Liverpool, NY


  1. Quorum Check – We have a quorum
  2. The board honored long-time, dedicated Board member, Ruth Fornell, with a moment of silence.
  3. Call meeting to order and welcome by President Walt Gable at 9:00 am.
  4. Moved by Lois Sanders, Seconded by Larry Kidder, motion approved to approve minutes of the January 8, 2011, meeting of the board of directors
  5. The Board reviewed the Treasurer’s Report (see attached) and it was approved for file on a motion by Peg Clark Seconded by Ann Sellers
  6. On a motion by Larry Kidder, seconded by John Gazak, the board approved the waiver of the unit sanction fees for the Ithaca Section because it lost money.
  7. Gerry Radway, Unit 112 Business Manager presented the Regional Tournament Policy proposed by District 4.  Any comments are to be sent directly to Gerry at gradway@gmail.com.  Mike Mihevc asked about changing times to 10 & 3.  Gerry also reported on the discussion with Paul Cherin regarding holding the Unit 112 Regional in Rochester.  The regional will continue to be held in Syracuse because of economic restraints.  The proposed budget for Rochester is 50% more than for Syracuse. (see attached) Items to be considered we

a)      use of treasury funds for bus service to tournaments (suggested by Warren Marsland).

b)      Warren asked for a job description for the Business Manager.

c)      Walt Gable commented that the Business Manager is appointed by the Unit 112 Board of Directors.

  1. President’s Report  see attached
  2. Our third and final Unit 112 board meeting for 2011 is at the Waterloo (Finger Lakes) October 1 as agreed at the last Board meeting. Start time is 9:00am.
    1. The following people are appointed to serve on the nominating committee for 2012 Board and officers:  Mary Miller, Chair, Lois Sanders, and DeWitt Hendricks.

All officer positions, including at-large member of the Executive Committee, need to be elected.

11.  Warren Marsland led us through a discussion of possible additional StaC that we could participate in during 2012.  Motion by Mary Miller was made to charge clubs $4 per table for the Unit fees for participation in Unit endorsed StaC games. Motion was seconded by Warren Marsland and approved. (pre-duplicated boards are not required for StaC games – but are recommended for a fair competition) Warren advised that the hand records are available on the ACBL website following the games which may allow clubs to reduce their duplicating costs.  The May StaC game had 18 clubs from Unit 112 and 8 clubs from Unit 120.

12.  We need to develop a simple reporting form for each club that participates in a StaC.

13.  The Unit 112 Board is the only entity that  can “commit” the unit to participating in a StaC event.  Warren and Walt will determine who will be responsible for notifying ACBL.

14.  Mark McDermott reported on the Intermediate/Novice activity.  There are 5 750 point gold games this year and they are well attended.  We can hold 199er games and don’t need an ACBL director so we can charge less.  Syracuse had 3 games with 5.5 tables.  The next one is in Rochester September 24 at Potter Place in Fairport which will only hold 20 tables.  Discussion about what to do if too many people show up.  Free plays to be offered for next event? Mark McDermott has arranged this as a two-session, one-day tournament running from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on that Saturday. The unit board members need to help publicize this event and encourage eligible players in their playing area to participate.

15.  Plans for Unit 112 workers the first weekend at the 2012 Summer NABC in Philadelphia

  • Mike Mihevc will lead us through this discussion. See attachment
  • Is there interest in a unit-arranged bus for that weekend?  To be determined later.

16.  Regional Tournaments

  • District 4 is working on developing new procedures and regulations for all regionals within District 4. (Copies of these draft procedures are attached) Does the unit board have comments on these procedures?

17.  Unit 112’s annual regional in 2012 will be at the Liverpool Holiday Inn from July 31 through August 5, 2012.

18.  Unit 112 representation at the August 26, 2011, District 4 Board meeting

The District 4 board meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Dolce Hotel of the Valley Forge Regional. The tentative agenda for that meeting is attached to the email of this agenda.)

Unit 112 is entitled to 6 voting representatives. So far, only Bob Simard has been appointed as one of our voting representatives. We should try to have a full voting contingent.

19.  Review of terms of all current representatives of the various playing areas to this unit 112 board and the need for elections, where necessary, as well as reporting necessary information on board members to the unit website manager and unit secretary prior to January 1, 2012.

Playing area 1Rochester Rev. Liz Meacham(K694611) TERM EXPIRES 12/31/12, Peg Clark (Q702462) TERM EXPIRES 12/31/11

Playing area 2Syracuse Ann Scharmach (J910183) TERM EXPIRES 12/31/11, Robert Simard (J346806)

Playing area 3Rome/Utica Michael Mihevc (1028561) TERM EXPIRES 12/31/11, John Gazak (9341188) TERM EXPIRES 12/31/11

Playing area 4Binghamton 

Playing area 5Watertown Ann Sellers (8728232) TERM EXPIRES 12/31/12, Debra Suller TERM EXPIRES 12/31/11

Playing area 6Elmira Mary Kay Quiggle (O536212) TERM EXPIRES 12/31/10

Playing area 7

Playing area 8Finger Lakes

Playing area 9Ithaca Larry Kidder (K188902) TERM EXPIRES 12/31/11

President Gable handed out the forms to be completed by each playing area whenever there is a change in representation. (see attached).  The form is to be sent to the Unit Secretary who will forward it to the Webmaster for updating on the website.

20.  Other business Margie Spence reported from the Awards committee. She requested a change of date for the awards so that they are all given at the same tournament.  She moved that the awards be given at the Spring Sectional.  Second was made by John Gazak and unanimously approved.  Margie will present plans for presentation at the next meeting.

Mike Mihevc reported on the success they have experienced offering bridge lessons at Hamilton College.  It has been a very rewarding personal experience and they are getting some students at their club games.

Mike also reported that the three Utica clubs have joined into one club.

DeWitt Henricks reported that SUNY Binghamton has approved an official Bridge Club.

Mary Poplawsky is presenting a “Teach the Teachers” at 9am tomorrow morning at the Liverpool Tournament.

21.  President Gable adjourned the meeting at 11:15am.

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