Unit 112 Governance

The Unit 112 Board of Directors meets a few times a year to discuss current matters that affect our unit.  Each playing area has two representatives.  If you have ideas or concerns you would like to Board to address, please contact your local representative or leave us a comment.  The entire BoD (with e-mail) can be contacted at Bod(@)acblunit112.org.

A listing of the members of the board can be found HERE.

The current By-Laws can be found here:


The Unit 112 old By-Laws can be found here:

The Unit also tracks various trophy races for players who participate in Unit 112 run events.  Each trophy is named after a former member of the unit who had made an exceptional contribution to bridge in our playing area.

This link has a document which defines the trophy races:


Two versions of the Sectional Report to be filled out and sent to the treasurer can be found here.




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