Bidding skills and complexities vary from partnership to partnership.  Even the most basic of systems requires communication before the start of a sessions worth of bridge.

Bidding is fun

Slam tries over NT openings:

One question that often comes up when discussing bidding systems is slam tries over NT openings.

Kitty Cooper gives us a great starting point for discussion on her website:

Jacoby 2NT:

When a new player asks me what bridge conventions they should learn, Jacoby 2NT is at the top of the list.  I ask – what would you bid with a game forcing hand and support for my major?  Whatever the answer is, I follow up with a brief explanation of Jacoby 2NT and a few hints that learning this convention will be very helpful.

Kitty Cooper also has some info about this convention on her site:

Larry Cohen’s site has a modified version:

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