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Unit 112 Central New York is District 4’s northern most unit – stretching from the Canadian to Pennsylvania borders. Unit 112 is largest geographical unit and boasts 27 active bridge clubs.

Bridge is a remarkable game that you will enjoy for a lifetime. Courteous behavior is an important part of that enjoyment and Unit 112 supports ACBL’s Zero Tolerance Policy.

Bridge is also competitive and tournaments offer a larger venue to test your skills and advance your rank. Unit 112 offers eight sectional tournaments in different parts of the state.

Our website is designed for bridge players. Interested in improving your skills enroll in a class or workshop. Check out our club and tournament schedules and play often!

Enjoy the game and I’ll see you at the table!

Pat Stadelmaier

ACBL & District 4 Charity Aids Utica Center with Big Check


Sandra Soroka, executive director of The Neighborhood Center in Utica, accepts a $4500 check from Unit 112 president DeWitt Henricks and members of the Mohawk Valley Bridge Association (from left)   Richard Hartz, Paul Ohlbaum,  Billie Ohlbaum, Betty Youmans, and club president Ann Smallen


There was a loud roar from the crowd of more than 300 people at the fundraising dinner/auction on Nov. 17 for The Neighborhood Center in Utica when executive director Sandra Soroka announced a $4500 contribution from the ACBL Charity fund. And there were wide smiles on the faces of the five Mohawk Valley Bridge Association members when they presented the oversized check to Sandra.

The check, presented by Unit 112 president DeWitt Henricks, will help purchase safety and sports equipment for the center’s new gymnasium. The center is a non-profit organization that offers programs for children and youth as well as mental health services.

“With the support from generous organizations like yours,” Soroka said, “The Neighborhood Center will continue to help children and families in our community. By offering a safe, nurturing environment that allows children to thrive you are making an impact with this funding. This generosity helps further our mission.  Thank you for your support to help make the world a better place to live.”

The Charity grant was a giant step toward The Neighborhood Center’s goal of $24,500 to fund the purchase of a new basketball backboard and hoop, perimeter wall mats to prevent contact injuries, and other sporting goods equipment.

Betty Youmans, a board member of both The Neighborhood Center and the Unit 112 Board of Directors, submitted the successful District 4 ACBL Charity fund  nomination. District 4 awarded $30,000 to 7 non-profit organizations within the district. The ACBL Charity fund consists of funds raised at designated  games  throughout the year.  A recent Gold Life Master, Betty is board secretary of The Neighborhood Center and has taught beginning bridge lessons at the center to disadvantaged youth.

“I was extremely happy that our nomination was successful,” Youmans said. “The Neighborhood Center serves a vital role in providing much-needed human services in our community. I can’t think of a more deserving recipient of the Charity fund.”

Retired Doctor Rediscovers Bridge

Dr. Padmanabh Kamath, a retired Rochester pathologist, was surprised to learn recently that he was in the top 25 bridge players in 2016 in the ACBL Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs contest in the 5-20 point category. The top 25 scorers were listed in the Bridge Bulletin earlier this year, but Dr. Kamath did not see it. Only masterpoints at clubs are counted for these races and do not include points won at STaCs.

While Dr. Kamath has been playing bridge off and on since his early years growing up in India, it has only been since he retired that he has increased the frequency of his play….now up to 5 times a week at clubs in the Rochester Area Bridge Association.

“I started playing bridge in my childhood (age 11 or so) in India. It was one of the card games we played. We were not familiar with or followed any conventions. After I started college, I could not play anymore except during holidays.

“My wife and I immigrated to the USA in 1971. During my professional career, I could only play some weekends with friends. I joined the ACBL In 1995 and played at clubs a few times. However, I could not pursue this seriously due to time constraints and lack of regular partners.”

He has regular partners now… four in fact! They play together Monday through Thursday and then he has another set of partners for Fridays.

“I am very surprised to hear that I was in the top 25 in my masterpoint level,” Dr. Kamath remarked on learning of his achievement. “I consider myself a good player but not a very good one. Every day, I make a few dumb mistakes in spite of knowing the theory.”

“Dumb mistakes” not withstanding, Dr. Kamath racked up 62 masterpoints and ranked 21st in the top 25 in his category.

So what’s the key to his success at the bridge table?

“For the past 2 years, I have been reading books and seriously studying the conventions. Books by Max Hardy (bidding), Eddie Kantar (defense) and Marty Bergen are my favorites the evenings,” says Dr. Kamath.

“The examples in the books are very exciting. With analysis, I can solve many of them. However, during actual games, we do not have much time to analyze. That quick analysis is what distinguishes the great players from the ordinary ones,” he adds.

And what part of the game does he consider the toughest? “Defense…it is the most difficult aspect of the game to master.”

Playing bridge 5 times a week has also helped Dr. Kamath organize his daily routine.

“Bridge has given me good structure to my days. I study in the mornings, play and practice in the afternoons and watch TV in evening. I like to play to the best of my ability but I do not have any specific targets. It is my hope that I can continually improve,” says Dr. Kamath.

If he does, we just may see his name among the Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs winners soon again.

(Editor’s note: Mark Tevelow, who plays at The Bridge Studio in Vestal, NY, was also 21st in the 0-5 category with 55 masterpoints but declined to be interviewed.)

-DeWitt Henricks-

November Masterpoint Awards

New Junior Masters

  • Susan Kessler, Manlius
  • Sally Robilotto, East Norwich
  • Kurt Shoenhard, Cooperstown
  • Judy White, Canandaigua

New Club Masters

  • Jon Davidson, Cazenovia
  • Janice Guenther, Oneonta
  • Phyllis Guenther, Oneonta
  • Tara Holter, Rochester
  • Annmarie Kinnan, Syracuse

New Regional Masters

  • Lucille Loder, Pittsford
  • Xiang Long, Ithaca
  • Nancy Mason, Pittsford
  • Arlene Osbeer, Vestal
  • Gary Smith, Rochester

New NABC Masters

  • John Nelson, Rochester
  • Pat Smith, Rocheter

New Advanced NABC Masters

  • Debra Statton, Ithaca

New Life Masters

  • Tom Aridgides, Manlius
  • Prabodh Shah, Pittsford
  • Philip Yorke, Brooktondale

New Silver Life Masters

  • Anthony Auriemma, Pittsford
  • Dick Tuttle, Cazenovia

New Ruby Life Masters

  • Lynn Ackerman, Pittsford

October Masterpoint Awards

New Junior Masters

  • Leslie Huey, Webster
  • Mark Kinnan, Syracuse
  • Angela VanDerhoof, Utica

New Club Masters

  • Mary Bowes, Ithaca
  • Carol Elder, Oneonta
  • Patricia Mower, Cooperstown
  • Janelle Tauer, Ithaca

New Sectional Masters

  • Mary Kay Adams, Pittsford
  • Robert Lindahl, Groton
  • Sharlene Spindler, Fairport
  • Judith Sylvester, Syracuse

New Regional Masters

  • Carol Lynch, Fairport
  • William Wooster, Fairport

New NABC Masters

  • Manuel Ares, Jamesville

New Silver Life Masters

  • Arlene Clarkson, Ontario
  • Frank Cole III, Apalachin
  • Emily Rankin, Nichols

Mew Ruby Life Masters

  • Eleanor O’Connor, Freeville

New Gold Life Masters

  • Barry Passer, Newfield

September Masterpoint Awards

New Junior Masters

  • Elizabeth Butler, Naples
  • Carol Falkowitz, East Syracuse
  • Melinda Hardin, Cooperstown
  • Shawna Saunders, East Rochester
  • Marilyn Smith, Syracuse

New Club Masters

  • Susan Barnett, Rochester
  • Janet McLoughlin, Fayetteville
  • Jagat Mehta, Pittsford
  • Thomas Moses, Corning
  • Nicholas Nelson, Rochester
  • Evelyn Woodlan, Blossville

New Sectional Masters

  • Warren Cole, Hammondsport
  • Lisbeth Stanton, Fairport

New Silver Life Masters

  • Richard Hartz, Utica

August Masterpoint Awards

New Junior Masters

  • Ellen Agin, New Hartford
  • John Driscoll, Rochester
  • Sandi Stern, Pittsford

New Club Masters

  • Patsy Brannon, Ithaca
  • James Krebs, Freeville
  • Susan Lang, Ithaca
  • Ishwar Mathur, Pittsford

New Sectional Masters

  • Richard Hallagan, Fairport

New Regional Masters

  • Noreen Incavo, Fairport
  • Diana Kurty, Pittsford
  • Marc Wetmore, Rochester

New NABC Masters

  • Sandra Yorke, Brooktondale

New Advanced NABC Masters

  • David Morris, Hastings

New Life Masters

  • Suzanne Boyer, Tarpon Springs, FL
  • Mimi Wilson, Pittsford

New Bronze Life Masters

  • Suzanne Boyer, Tarpon Springs, FL

New Ruby Life Masters

  • Richard Hurd, Trumansburg

July Masterpoint Awards

New Junior Master

  • Tara Holter, Rochester

New Club Masters

  • Jim Cayer, Canandaigua
  • Camille Jasinski, New York Mills
  • Betty Kislinger, Canandaigua

New Life Masters

  • Millar Brace, Manlius

New Silver Life Masters

  • Pamela Gibson, Fayetteville

New Gold Life Masters

  • Jim Carroll, Lyons

The Longest Day – Unit 112 Clubs Slam Alzheimer’s

The Canandaigua Duplicate Bridge Club and Ithaca Bridge Club made a grand slam against Alzheimer’s and brain disease on June 21 when they raised a combined $6,000 for the local and national Alzheimer’s Assn. The organization has designated June as Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month and “The Longest Day,” is its biggest annual fundraising event.

The ACBL has also supported “The Longest Day” by encouraging clubs to hold games in support of the organization. Over the past five years the ACBL has raised and contributed $2.4 million to the Alzheimer’s Assn., reports Stephanie Threlkeld, ACBL Education & Communications manager.

“This year our goal is $500,000 for the care, support and research of the Alzheimer’s Assn. and it looks like we will exceed that goal,” she says.

The ACBL contributes the sanction fees of $3 or $5 per table for June 21 directly to the national association. Clubs have the option of contributing their fees to a local association or to the national organization The ACBL also awards full master points for these games.

It was the third consecutive year Canandaigua club director Mary Miller has participated in “The Longest Day” campaign. For the past three years Mary has contributed the donations to the Rochester & Finger Lakes Alzheimer’s Association. In the two previous years, the club raised a total of $3,400, nearly doubling the total for 3 years to more than $6,000.

“Mary and the Canandaigua bridge players are a wonderful asset to our association,” says Joe Lynch, the Rochester Alzheimer’s Assn.’s director of development. “We greatly appreciate their financial support for our programs.”

Canandaigua club regulars and guests filled 10 tables in each of two sessions at the First Congregation Church on Main Street in Canandaigua on “The Longest Day.” Mary usually has only one evening game on Wednesday, but for this event she holds two games: one in the afternoon and another in the evening.

Mary suggested a donation of $10, but players could contribute more if they wanted. A number of non-bridge players also contributed. And the First Congregational Church also contributed by not charging a rental fee for the game room for that day.

The Ithaca Bridge Club contributed $3,300 to the national association, reports club director Edythe Krauss, that includes “some very generous contributions…one for $500!” The players donated half of the total, which was matched by the club treasury as it usually does for charity games. This was the third year the club had participated in “The Longest Day” event.

“We don’t charge a fee for charity games,” Edythe explains, “but we did suggest a donation of $10 or more.”

Both Mary and Edythe are members of the Unit 112 Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. “Mary and Edythe and the Canandaigua and Ithaca bridge clubs are to be congratulated for their continuing support of the ACBL’s “The Longest Day,” says DeWitt Henricks, Unit 112 president. “Many of our families and friends have been adversely affected by Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases. They need our support.”

June Masterpoint Awards

New Junior Masters

  • Betsy Cherundolo, Syracuse
  • James Galvin, Rochester
  • Robert Moore, Oswego
  • Anne Moss, Fairport
  • Nicholas Nelson, Rochester
  • Marsha Raines, Rochester
  • Deanna Sammon, New Hartford
  • Barbara Thomas, Ithaca

New Club Masters

  • Marty Albright, Canandaigua
  • Janice Kaufman, Rochester
  • Elizabeth Patton, Pittsford
  • James Patton, Pittsford
  • Joyce Sambursky, Vestal

New Sectional Masters

  • Joan Conway, Webster
  • Richard Frey, Brockport
  • David Latart, Rochester

New Regional Masters

  • Mary Jo Hazelden, Fairport
  • John Nelson, Rochester
  • Susan Randall, Cohocton
  • William Tondat, Fairport

New NABC Masters

  • Priscilla Brown, Rochester
  • William Hennessey, Fairport
  • George Isgrigg, Pittsford
  • Kathleen Kingston, Fairport
  • Thomas Rusling, Pittsford
  • Thea Steinberger, Pittsford
  • Alasdair Turnbull, Potsdam

New Advanced NABC Masters

  • Ornit Grossman, Ithaca
  • Bill Hettrick, Conesus

New Life Masters

  • Ann Baxter, Pittsford
  • Patricia Connell, Livonia
  • Jan Egger, Rochester

New Bronze Life Masters

  • Patricia Connell, Livonia

New Gold Life Masters

  • Gayle Phillips, Rochester