Moses has returned to the promised land

Er, Tom Moses, that is.

Tom, a Corning, NY resident,  has rejoined the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) after a nearly half-century hiatus.

A retired Corning Glass millwright machinist, Tom first joined ACBL as a teenager and often played duplicate bridge as well in college.   But then the demands of his job and marriage to wife Linda and three children kept Tom away from the bridge table for many years.

His ACBL membership lapsed.

Twelve years ago Tom, 67, retired and 2 years ago returned to the bridge table. He brushed up on his bridge by taking classes from an experienced player.  He now plays 4 times a week: Monday and Thursday at Corning and Wednesday and Friday at Elmira.  Tom enjoys playing with regular partners Gene Hauber, who joined ACBL last year, at Corning, and Joanne Sarli at Elmira. “I’ve learned a lot from them,” Tom says.

But until February of this year Tom had not rejoined ACBL.  “Gene and I were doing much better but he was getting points for it and I wasn’t,” he says of his decision to rejoin ACBL.

Was it possible that Tom might have earned some Master Points nearly a half century ago?

“I don’t remember if I did,” Tom says, almost certain that he had not.

A call to ACBL and a friendly staffer revealed that the records back then were on paper and are now stored in archives and seldom opened.

While rejoining ACBL is a milestone, he has never played in a sectional or regional tournament. But that could change this year. He is considering playing in the Binghamton sectional in October.

If that comes to pass, the Tom will have reached another milestone in his return to ACBL .

And that’s a promise.

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